The petroleum distribution market has long recognised the requirement for a cost effective bottom loading system that does not require complex and expensive automation, which is more commonly found in main line terminals.

The IFC range of Bottom Loading Skids are self-contained units designed for flow rates of over 2500 l/min per arm. Each skid component is carefully chosen to match the desired flow rate required. The units are constructed from treated mild steel and supplied direct to site in a fully assembled condition ready for bolting down onto prepared foundations. Brand new sites and terminal upgrades are equally well served with this method of construction and real savings can be found in both time and on-site engineering costs. The standard configuration is for single-side loading with up to 5 product lines. Also offered is a modified system for dual-side loading, which is ideal for tightly spaced depots with high throughput.


  • Designed to meet all current regulations including the IP “design, construction and operation of petroleum distribution installations; model code of safe practice, part 2”
  • Galvanised finished frame.
  • Product coded hose covers available.
  • IFC designed loading arms with up to five year guarantees.
  • Industry standard API Dry Break Couplers.
  • High accuracy flow meters with no reduction in accuracy throughout their life.
  • Mechanical preset and fully electronic versions available.
  • High level cut off and earth monitoring.
  • Line isolation valves.
  • Thermal/pressure relief system.
  • Versions available from one to seven arms.
  • Check valves to prevent siphoning from large vertical tanks.


  • Easily changed swivel joint product seals (removal of balls is not necessary).
  • Single user adjustment of balance spring.
  • Extremely high load capacity.
  • Up to five year guarantee of steel swivel joints.
  • Long life without corrosion.
  • Low down time and maintenance costs.

Combined Top and Bottom Loading Skids

Want to keep top loading, and enjoy the benefits of bottom loading? IFC are able to configure your system to retain top loading, and operate a bottom loading skid at the same time.

Whether you want both to be available at the same time, or an either/or situation, IFC will design a safe interlocked control system that will be easy for the drivers to operate, yet does not have to use expensive three way valves.

Technical Data

  • Loading arm bore size: 4″.
  • Maximum flow rate: 2,400 litres/min per arm.
  • Flow meter accuracy: +/- 0.15%.
  • Inline strainer protection: 80 mesh.
  • System pressure drop: 1.25 bar.
  • Hazardous Area Classification: all parts ATEX compliant and design conforms to IP “Design, construction and operation of petroleum distribution installations; model code of safe practice, part 2”.
  • Number of arms possible: 1 to 7 arms.
  • Loading envelope complies with API RP1004.
  • Safety systems: e-stop, tanker earth connection loss, tanker high level probes activated/faulty, tanker high level probe failure system (vapour vessel and float switch to shut down and contain excess fuel), pump overload, anti-siphon valves (if loading valves left open).
  • Pressure relief system: two valves per loading arm, set to 7 bar, excess fuel discharged to vapour vessel.
  • All loading vapour discharged at high level.

Optional Equipment

  • Rain/foul weather canopy.
  • Electronic preset controllers.
  • Ticket printer.
  • Air eliminators.
  • Hazardous area lighting.

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