TP1200M Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve W/Pipe Away Spring


TP1200M Series Pressure Vacuum Valve Pıpe Away are typically used on atmospheric tanks which contain volatile liquids.


As will allAKTEK products, every Model TP1200M Series is factory inspected to meet all critical requirements and special needs.  Inventory is maintainer to ensure rapid delivery.

Pressure / Vacuum Valve With Pipe-Away Featre

Model  TP1200M is used for pressure and vacuum relief where vapors must be piped away.Special pallets in the Model TP1200M housing virtually eliminate the intake of air and the escape of vapors except during normal tank breathing, thus reducing the loss of product.These special pallets are engineered to allow only the intake or outlet relief necessary to maintain the proper working pressure, thereby protecting the tank from possible damage.Escaping vapors are piped away through a flanged outlet connection.This helps to provide increased fire protection and safety.

Special Feature

Model TP1200M offers Aktek’s special ‘’cushioned air’’ seating. Superior performing Teflon® seating diaphragms are standart to minimize sticking caused  by resinous vapors and atmosphorec moisture. The Model TP1200M has a self draining hausing body and drip rings to protect seating surfaces from condensate and freezing. This design also avoids pressure or vacuum buildup due to binding or clogging of the valve. Buna-N, Viton® and other seating diaphragms can be provided when required. Model TP1200M may be spring loaded when required for use on blanketed tank sor other type installation requiring higher setting. To ensure the proper aligment of seating surfaces there is peripheral guiding and a center stabilizing system.

Technical Data

  • Sizes 2’’ through 12’’.
  • Pressure setting ½oz/in2 to 15 PSIG.
  •  Vacuum settings ½oz/in2 to 12 PSIG.
  • Available in Aluminum, Carbon steel, Stainless Steel and other materials.
  • Modular construction.

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As with all Aktek  products, every Model TP1100M is factory inspected and tested to meet your critical reguirements and special  needs. Inventory İs maintanied to ensure rapid delivery.

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