Mobile Tanker Access


TP16200M – Mobile Tanker Access 

The TTP Access Ladder is a lightweight, mobile, yet sturdy tanker access system offering complete safety and ease of use to operators. It is an economic alternative to fixed installations where access is limited.


  • Robust steel safety cage over the tanker top with pivoted lower rail that automatically locates the cage onto any tank profile.
  • Adjustable ladder with non-slip self cleaning steps and full-length handrails on each side, the top step is extended to safely reach the tanker top.
  • A pivoted lower rail provides added protection for the operator by restraining the complete assembly should somebody try to move the ladder whilst in use.


  • Protects operators and is a 100% safe alternative to fixed platforms.
  • Protects operators and is a is an economic and highly efficient, space saving investment.
  • Is lightweight and easy to position over all sizes of tanker.
  • Rigid and stable construction means that operators may climb the ladder feeling totally secure.


Safe access from fixed platforms to the top of a rigid tanker, trailer tank or ISO container to:

  • Inspect the tanker for safety and maintenance.
  •  Load the tanker.
  • Check the load and take samples.
  • Wash or de-contaminate compartment.
  • One person can easily position the tanker access stairs close to the tanker and secure them for use.
  • Stairs can be pushed to a convenient storage position when not in use.
  • Stairs can be fitted with a third ‘jockey wheel’ for horizontal maneuvering within a limited space.
  • Other options include wind and rain protection screens, extended cages or a wider track for rear access to the tanker.

Technical Data

  • Materials
    • Other options include wind and rain protection screens, extended cages or a wider track for rear access to the tanker.
    • Closed pipe construction handrails.
    • Rubber wheels, nylon ropes & stainless steel fixings.
  • Dimensions
    • 2.95m adjustable to 4.55m ladder height (min. total height, including cage, 4.12m).
    • 1.75msquaresafety cage.
    • 450mm width steps.
  • Stability
    • Max. ladder deflection: 10mm.
    • Wheel diameter: 200mm.
  • Operational
    • To be used in winds exceeding 60km/hr gusts.
    • Access is limited to one person at a time.
    • All six supports must be in ground contact.

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