Mechanical Leven Indicator


TP17200M – Mechanical Level Indicator 

AKTEK TP17200M Mechanical Liquid Level Gauge (MLLG) is an economical, easy to install measurement device utilizing a target and gaugeboard to indicate tank level. The indicator displays liquid level (product innage) to an accuracy of 1″ (25 mm). Designed for use on a variety of atmospheric and low pressure storage vessels, the AKTEK TP17200M may be installed on both in service and outof service tanks.


  • Accurate to 1” (25 mm).
  • Durable aluminum gaugeboard with vinyl facing.
  • Level indication in feet/inches or meters/decimeters.
  • Full travel or half travel designs.
  • Standard and severe service configurations.
  • Vertical cone roof and bolted tank models.

Changes in the liquid level of the tank raise or lower the float, which moves the indicator cable. Cable movement drives the indicator up and down the gaugeboard on the side of the tank. The liquid level in feet and inches or meters and decimeters is shown by the indicator position on the gaugeboard. The user may then convert the liquid level to units of volume. This may be accomplished manually or by using inventory management software, such as FuelManager®.

The following information should be used as a guide only; please refer to the operation and maintenance manual for complete installation instructions. You are able to leave the tank in-service while you install the AKTEK TP17200M.

AKTEK offers a variety of models and installation kits to suit most applications for the TP17200M Mech.Liquid Level Gauge (MLLG). Included with each TP17200M MLLG are all components necessary for installation, except for the 1-1/2″ (38mm) pipe.

The aluminum gaugeboard is provided in 7 ft (2.1m) sections and includes the necessary number of splice brackets to connect the sections supplied per the measuring range ordered. The aluminum board is 0.8″ (2 mm) thick with a vinyl facing of English orMetric units ofmeasure.

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