Chemical Loading Arms


Chemical Loading Arms

The CHL series of top and bottom loading/unloading chemical arms is a family of arms introduced recently for the petro/chemical and food industries. The products of years of experience, these arms benefit from a number of innovative features including compression spring balance to give fingertip control of the arm, and heavy duty three part swivel joints at every position for ease of maintenance and longevity.

Chemical Top Loading Arms


  • Compact, fully adjustable compression spring cylinder.
  • Choice of stainless or carbon steel construction.
  •  5th swivel balancer maintains the C pipe in a horizontal position at all heights.
  • Floor mounted stand post with a boom lock and C pipe support rest.
  • Aktek designed 3-part swivel joints featuring:
    • Long life bearings with four point contact.
    • Unique energised PTFE-CF product seal.
    • Stainless steel inner as standard.
    • High specification grease for low maintenance and increased load capacity.


  • Easily changed swivel joint product seal. (removal of ball bearings is not necessary).
  • Easy one man adjustment of balance & vertical range.
  • Low down time and maintenance costs.
  • 95% Spares held ex-stock.
  • Five TR wide trained engineers available for on-site service.


This design of loading arm is intended for arduous tanker and railcar petrochemical and liquid loading and unloading applications where the end product is expensive, corrosive or toxic. It is the ideal replacement for hoses or first generation arms reaching the end of their life, and for new installations.


  • Choice of industry standard end connections.
  • Counterweight balance.
  • Hot oil, steam and electric tracing with outer cladding.

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