Bottom Loading Arms


Bottom Loading Arms

The AKTEK 900 Bottom Loading Arm is designed with the operator in mind. From its fully sealed compression spring designed to perfectly balance the arm for easy manoeuvrability to the weather resistant durability of the powder coated to its engineered low value cost, this arm is the ideal solution for many bottom liquid loading requirements including bottom loading skids, bottom loading gantries and top to bottom loading conversions.


  • Compact fully adjustable compression spring cylinder to allow easy operation of the fully flooded arm & hose assembly.
  • Full 4” bore for high flow rates up to 2500 litres per minute for faster tanker filling.
  • Carbon Steel construction with PTFE seals for a high level of fuel and liquid compatibility.
  • 3-part swivel joints at fulcrum and base for full vertical and horizontal operation and easy on site servicing.
  • Hard wearing powder coated paint finish for durable weather protection.
  • Supply of all bottom loading arm components including the 900 arm, top spool or top apex swivel, aluminium drop tube and/or product compatible 4” drop hose, easy use bottom hose swivel & manual or semi-auto API coupler.


The 900 Bottom Loading Arm is ideal for :

  • Petroleum terminals.
  • Oil distribution depots.
  • Road and rail tanker loading facilities.
  • Bitumen loading plants.
  • Top to bottom loading upgrades.
  • Bottom loading skids.

It is an ideal low cost replacement for arms reaching the end of their normal operating life and for new applications requiring high performance combined with ease of use, durability and low cost.

Technical Data

  • Energised Product Seal: PTFE.
  • Balance: Fully sealed compression spring cylinder.
  • Flow Rates: 2,500 litres a minute maximum.
  • Pressure: 10barG maximum.
  • Temperature: 80°C maximum.
  • Guarantee: Two years on all steel components including the fulcrum / base swivel joints and balance assy. One year for all other components.

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