We offer a full range of accessories to compliment our loading arms:

Fuel Hoses

Our range of hard wearing composite fuel hoses are designed and manufactured to the highest quality. All our fuel hoses are suitable for suction and discharge applications and can be used for fuel oils, diesel lubricating oils, unleaded & leaded petrol and hydrocarbons.

Available in sizes 2”, 2.5”, 3”, 3.5” & 4” nominal bore and up to 20mtrs in length. End connections include flanged, cam and threaded male or female swivel. The standard colour is black.

Vapour Hoses

Our orange colour coded composite vapour hose is designed and manufactured to the same standards as our fuel hose with the added benefit of being up to 3 times lighter making them ideal for road tanker vapour connection. These hoses can also be used as standard fuel hose.

Available in the same sizes and connections as our fuel hose.

Heavy Duty and Chemical Hoses

PTFE lined composite hoses are ideally suited for the suction or discharge of aggressive chemicals and solvents such as MTBE at higher temperatures, whilst our heavy duty hose is ideal tougher applications such as ship to shore and heated heavy fuel oils.

Colour Coded Skid Hose Protection Sleeves

These heavy duty hard wearing hose covers are designed to protect tanker bottom loading hoses from scuffs and scrapes. They are easy to clean and are colour coded to indicate the product within the hose.

Aluminium Drop Pipes

Designed to fit on bottom loading arms. These pipes allow one length hose to be used on all the loading arms on a skid / gantry. They come in various standard lengths, dependent on the set height of each arm.

Standard 4” nominal bore x 4” TTMA flanged ends.

Standard lengths are 400, 600, 800, 1200, 1600 & 2000mm.

Apex and Bottom Hose Swivels

Apex swivels are fitted to the end of the loading arm and allow vertical movement without affecting the position of the arm. These aluminum swivels have been designed and manufactured for a long trouble free life in the most arduous of environments.

Bottom hose swivels are used on bottom loading arms and connect to the bottom of the product drop hose. They allow horizontal movement of the loading coupler without affecting the vertical position of the hose.  Fitted with a stainless steel control handle and utilizing the same seal and swivel design as our bottom loading arms and apex swivels. The bottom hose swivel completes our range and allows you to source all your swivel needs from us. Also see our “Swivels” section.


We offer a range of TTMA, PN16 & ANSI 150 gaskets to suit all the flange connections usually found on loading arm installations.

Couplers and Connectors

We offer a great range of quality API couplers and vapour connectors for road tanker loading, along with specialist connectors and fittings for rail and chemical applications.

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