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TP16100M – Folding Stairs

Operator safety whilst working on the tops of tankers is coming under ever greater scrutiny from Health and Safety authorities throughout Europe. To reduce the risk of accidents when stepping from a fixed platform to a road or rail tanker IFC provide the FS series Folding Stairs.

Available as 3, 4, or 5 step models these provide a nominal horizontal reach from 1.25m to 2.05m. Stair treads are fitted with ‘moonscape’ treads that easily drain to preventicy or greasy surfaces. Each step remains horizontal whilst the Folding Stairs automatically adjust to varying tanker heights.

The basic spring balanced Folding Stairs design has been expanded to cater for many additional requirements such that IFC are now able to offer a safe and efficient solution for virtually all tanker access needs. The standard 800mm – stair width may be increased to 4.0m, and safety cage widths up to 9.0m are offered in steel or aluminium. These full tanker length cages may be pneumatically or hydraulically power assisted


  • Fully balanced self-levelling steps to automatically adjust to varying tanker heights.
  • Fully draining slip-free ‘moonscape’ grating on steps.
  • Safety handrails and knee guards fitted as standard.
  • Hinged safety step to protect against accidentally trapping toes.
  • Pull-rope to assist returning stairs to ‘parked’ position.
  • Vertical locking device (optionally offset) for ‘parked’ position with foot-pedal release.
  • Extended outboard step to provide additional area and stability, for stepping onto the tanker top.
  • Rubber bumper to prevent sparking and reduce risk of tanker damage.


Safe access from fixed platforms to the top of a Road Tanker, Rail Tank Wagon, or ISO Container to:

  • Inspect the tanker for safety and maintenance.
  • Load the tanker.
  •  Check the load and take samples.
  • Wash or de-contaminate compartment.


  • Safe, reliable and easy means of tanker access.
  • Maintenance free spring cylinder and rotation joints.
  • Fulfils current Health & Safety at Work requirements and promotes safe working practice on tanker tops.

Technical Specification

Dimensions : Horizontal reach: choice of 1250mm, 1650mm or 2050mm
Step width : 800mm (standard)
Optional safety cage 1400mm deep x 1400mm (or 2800mm) wide. Spec ial full t anker length safety cages available
Construction : Fabr icated from mild steel section with steps manufactured fr om fully draining slip free
‘moonscape’ grating
Finish : Hot dip galvanised t o BS729. Spec ial painting is also available
Fixings : 8 x 18mm bolts to platform

Optional Accessories

  • Manual or powered Safety Cages to protect operators whilst worki ng on the top of the tanker.
  • Safety ‘wings’ m ounted either side of the Folding Stairs to fill the space between the side of the platform and the tanker.
  • Locking chain and angle guide bracket to hold the stairs in any positi on. This is par ticularly useful when acc essing ISO containers with no convenient structure to rest the Folding Stairs.
  • Position detection and control switches.
  • ‘Key-lock’ mechanical sequence interlock systems.
  • Step access width exceeding standard 800mm, on request.

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