TP9100M Flame Checks


TP9100M Series Flame checks are typically used on atmospheric tanks which contain volatile liquids.

As will all AKTEK products, every Model TP9100M Series is factory inspected to meet all critical requirements and special needs.Inventory is maintainer to ensure rapid delivery.

Flame Checks
Model TP9100M is  designed  to  prevent  flashback  in  small  lines carrying  flammable  gases. They  are  often  used  in  small pilotlines. The  Flame  checks  are  union  type  fittings  with   FNPT connections.

Special Feature                                            
The  Model  7622  flame  element  consist  of  perforated  plate  with  sufficient  openings  to  provide  a  minimum  pressure  drop  and  still  prevent  flash  back  in  the  line. The  construction  permits  easy  access  for  inspection  and  maintenance.

Technical Data

  • Sizes 1/2’’ through 1 1/2’’.
  • Pressure setting ½oz/in2 to 15 PSIG.
  • Available in  housing  of  malleable iron carbon steel and  stainless  steel with  element(perforated  plates) of  stain.
  • Designed for  easy  maintenance.

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As with As with all Aktek  products, every Model TP9100M is  factory inspected and  tested  to  meet  your  critical  requirements and special  needs. Inventory  is  maintained  to  insure  rapid   delivery.

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