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Composite Panel

AKHONEYCOMB Aluminum Composite Panel is composed of non-toxic and low density polyethylene core between two sheets of aluminum by using “extrude and continuous composite” compositing production line.

The innovative product conception of seemingly contradictory properties such as excellent formability and stability, low weight and large sizes, brilliant colors and weather resistance, just to mention only a few.

The combination of all these advantageous characteristics makes AKHONEYCOMB aluminum composite panel one of the most versatile materials for interior and exterior design.

Public buildings, administrative buildings, residential buildings, hospitals, trade centre’s, airports, cultural centre’s and schools greatly influence our social lives and, at the same time, give our cities their individual character.

The surface of AKHONEYCOMB aluminum composite panel is coated with either fluorocarbon resin (KYNAR 500 / HYLAR 5000 PVDF > 70%) or PE resin. AKHONEYCOMB Aluminum Composite panel is produced with various core thicknesses in a continuous lamination process. In a continuous process, the aluminum skins and the core materials are fused together under the heat and pressure.

The fully automatic coil coating process provides an unsurpassed lacquering quality and uniform appearance. The Coils used for the skin are coated to their lamination to the core. The process consists of several cleaning stages, a chemical conversion to improve corrosion resistance and paint adhesion, a primer application and one or two colour or top coat applications, with each layer being individually stove at between 2400° C and 2700° C.

The coil coating process comes with the advantages of accurate, consistent film thickness and high speed application. The minimal paint wastage together with the vapor recycling system used in the factory makes coating economical and friendly to environment.

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